Powerleveling Services Are NOT Safe

Like in many other MMORPG games, leveling is a major part of Aion Online. Aion is not much different, perhaps only in a sense it’s more difficult to level up than in other games. Grinding is often necessary to advance a few levels before you can head out to the next area and pick up some quests, but that’s no reason to pay for power leveling.

There are far too many powerleveling services offered to players nowadays. Most of those companies are located in China and even though some operate legit, some have only one goal: to steal your account. In order for those firms to powerlevel your character, you obviously need to provide them with your account details, namely your username and password. This is of course very risky as your account can later on be easily used for farming, botting and reselling kinah, all of which will get your account suspended no doubt.

It happens to players every day and it’s the number one cause of stolen accounts. If you buy powerleveling, you’re not only paying $100-$700 or more for something you might not even receive, but also risk weeks or even months of frustration trying to resolve the issue with Aion’s customer support. Worst case, you’ll end up buying a new game and have to start from scratch.

The following screenshot is taken from an actual powerleveling website and will give you an idea how much these people charge you for something you can easily do yourself:

Aion Powerleveling Prices

If you don’t believe me you’re welcome to google some sites and check the prices yourself (sorry, I’m not advertising any of those). Now perhaps I’m crazy, but $700 for leveling your character from 1-50 is far, far too much. The worst part, you’ll have to wait more than a month for something you can do alone in two weeks easily, even if you play casually.

But is there an alternative? Of course there is. Even for those who play extremely casually, perhaps even just a few hours per week, you can level up a character pretty fast. I really recommend giving leveling guides a shot: they are usually written by professionals who know what they’re doing, and there’s no risk involved whatsoever. Sure, you will have to work a bit yourself, but what’s the point in playing Aion if you let others do all the work for you. You can find a lot of those guides here. I’m sure you’ll agree $30 is definitely more acceptable than $700. As a bonus, you’ll actually enjoy the game, get some valuable skills along the way and the best part, your account will be safe.


~ by aion on August 12, 2009.

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