How to Level Fast in Aion

Aion assassinAion is a new, visually impressive massive multiplayer roleplaying game by a Korean developer NCsoft. Aion is the most anticipated MMORPG game in 2009 for many reasons:  rewarding gameplay, amazing graphics, innovative features and more.

Even though the game has many aspects going and will be huge, it still has some issues, and one of the most important one is leveling. Aion Online was firstly released in Asia, and as such is not a familiar and newbie-friendly game like World of Warcraft or Warhammer Online. Of course there are plenty of quests, but not as many as you can find in other games, and the XP rewards are rarely high enough to make leveling an easy process. Many times you’ll have to make a decision to either advance to the next area a few levels too low or grind mobs for experience. Neither is obviously the ideal situation, but fortunately there is a simple solution.

Several skilled Aion players put their expert insight of the game into a strategy guide for Aion. Even though it talks about different aspects of the game and is bound to be useful, the leveling guide found inside is possibly the most valuable part. I should note there are several free Aion leveling guides available on some forums and blogs, but it’s basically a short list of quests which doesn’t really help at all. The leveling guide I’m talking about on the other hand has many advantages:

  • It’s completed and all quests are covered for both factions
  • It doesn’t matter which class you play
  • There’s info for all kinds of players: those who like to grind or those who only want to do quests, or a bit of both
  • It also takes into account gathering, leveling professions, and making kinah!

By using a good Aion leveling guide you will shorten required time to reach a level by at least 50%, because you won’t have to run back and forth all the time like everyone else because you’ll know exactly when, where, and how many quests to complete before you head back to the NPC to finish the quests. It’s the perfect choice for any kind of player, a newbie or a more experienced one.

These leveling guides are highly useful for powerleveling in Aion Online. There’s thousands of players already using these tips and more join their ranks every day. If you use this leveling guide for your character you will level up in half the normal time, as well as build a successful and complete character with skills, professions, items and more than enough kinah (gold): you will be 150% ready to face the challenges that await you.

You can find several different Aion leveling guides on websites such as AionLevelGuide and AionGuides. Check them out and I’ll see you at level 50!


~ by aion on August 12, 2009.

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