Free Aion Leveling Guides

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AionNot everyone wants to play through Aion, reading every quest log, doing ever quest. That’s just how it is. These players are often the power gamers, which love the challenge of speed leveling.

I often find myself trying to speed level after I’ve reached max level on 1 or 2 characters. It’s kind of like an iron man contest on a hardcore server. It’s just one of those things you do eventually to spice up the game. It can be really fun as well, grabbing a friend and seeing who can reach max level in the shortest amount of time, making bets.

Then there is also the person who would just like a guide. They make guides for every game, hence why you always see those Strategy Guides for console games. Well, online games are exactly the same. Often these people play during the beta stages and gather all of the information, trying out different leveling tricks, different routes, and so on. Some guides may be more comprehensive than others, while others may be more efficient.

KFGuides is one of those sites which offers guides for both Elyos and Asmodian. As a sample, they’ve released their leveling guides for the first 10 levels of Aion for both Elyos and Asmodian. There are tons of detailed maps for the starting zones, each giving off directions and numbers on where to go next.

If you’ve ever played WoW, you probably have heard of the Kopp’s, Zygor, Nyhmns, and others leveling guides. This is basically the same thing, except for Aion. Besides the leveling guides, there are member areas along with free videos of pvp, crafting, and pve. It’s a pretty interesting site imo, and should be checked out at some point, since you’ll probably see it around sometime.

But anyway, I’m going to shut up and let you check it out.


Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use an Aion Leveling Guide

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AionMaybe some of you would be satisfied by the way you would progress comfortably in Aion as you would start playing the game, but there would always be room for you to do better than your current level of performance, as in any other MMORPG game. And if you feel bored by the thought of using an Aion leveling guide, think again. An Aion leveling guide can phenomenally increase your chances of success, by effectively explaining the right strategies to level faster. Of course, players who want to reach the end of the game faster would not trade a quality leveling guide for anything.

Here are top 5 reasons why you should be using an Aion leveling guide.

1. Helps You Level Faster: Of course, the primary function of an Aion Leveling Guide is to enable you to level faster, but the need to mention this is firstly, because it is the most important reason for using the guide in the first place, and secondly, because a quality and well-researched guide actually enables you to do so. No only is it effective, but offers all the advice you have been searching for hours and hours on the internet in one package, therefore saving your precious time.

2. Sense of Achievement: You know that as an MMORPG, Aion would be played by millions of users worldwide, and not only you would be  an opponent of different users across the globe, but would also value your level of success within your own small group of players, let them be your allies or enemies. For a greater sense of achievement by leaving your opponents behind is worth every bit of effort you exert for it. Using an Aion leveling guide can bring you that satisfaction.

3. Earn Respect Among Your Friends: With an Aion leveling guide, you can surprise your friends, and discourage and shock your enemies with the astounding rate of your progress. Along with that, you can also enjoy the privilege of mastering your class through these guides.

4. Enables You to Enjoy the Game: Another benefit that a quality Aion leveling guide enables you to experience is of enjoying each and every aspect of the game as you progress. Not only a quality leveling guide will enable you to make the most of the quests, but will also sufficiently help you to increase your kinah earning capabilities, which is gold or currency in Aion.

5. End-Game Rewards: We all know that there are always some end-game rewards waiting for you to make your way to them. If it is the end-game rewards that boost your energy to attain higher Aion levels, you should use an Aion guide to be able to achieve that.

I could easily think of another dozen reasons why you should use a leveling guide in your Aion adventures but you get the picture. These guides are no doubt the best investment you can make and you’ll soon realize and learn to appreciate them just as I did. To find out which ones are the best, I recommend reading unbiased reviews on websites such as AionLevelGuide or AionGuideReviews.

Powerleveling Services Are NOT Safe

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Like in many other MMORPG games, leveling is a major part of Aion Online. Aion is not much different, perhaps only in a sense it’s more difficult to level up than in other games. Grinding is often necessary to advance a few levels before you can head out to the next area and pick up some quests, but that’s no reason to pay for power leveling.

There are far too many powerleveling services offered to players nowadays. Most of those companies are located in China and even though some operate legit, some have only one goal: to steal your account. In order for those firms to powerlevel your character, you obviously need to provide them with your account details, namely your username and password. This is of course very risky as your account can later on be easily used for farming, botting and reselling kinah, all of which will get your account suspended no doubt.

It happens to players every day and it’s the number one cause of stolen accounts. If you buy powerleveling, you’re not only paying $100-$700 or more for something you might not even receive, but also risk weeks or even months of frustration trying to resolve the issue with Aion’s customer support. Worst case, you’ll end up buying a new game and have to start from scratch.

The following screenshot is taken from an actual powerleveling website and will give you an idea how much these people charge you for something you can easily do yourself:

Aion Powerleveling Prices

If you don’t believe me you’re welcome to google some sites and check the prices yourself (sorry, I’m not advertising any of those). Now perhaps I’m crazy, but $700 for leveling your character from 1-50 is far, far too much. The worst part, you’ll have to wait more than a month for something you can do alone in two weeks easily, even if you play casually.

But is there an alternative? Of course there is. Even for those who play extremely casually, perhaps even just a few hours per week, you can level up a character pretty fast. I really recommend giving leveling guides a shot: they are usually written by professionals who know what they’re doing, and there’s no risk involved whatsoever. Sure, you will have to work a bit yourself, but what’s the point in playing Aion if you let others do all the work for you. You can find a lot of those guides here. I’m sure you’ll agree $30 is definitely more acceptable than $700. As a bonus, you’ll actually enjoy the game, get some valuable skills along the way and the best part, your account will be safe.

Why Use an Aion Leveling Guide

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aion_character_01-724x1024As you start playing Aion, it can be said with confidence that your progress in the levels of the game will come to a halt after a certain period of time. If you are a keen MMORPG game fan, than you must know what that could mean. It can be really frustrating to see your character stuck in the same level for a very long time, while your opponents and other fellow players are making progress to the next levels by leaps and bounds. It really hampers all the fun that you have been having with a game, that you otherwise enjoy playing.

You will find progressing through levels much easier and faster if you use a quality Aion Leveling Guide. An Aion Leveling Guide will explain strategies for each level separately to help you to level. It will tell you which activities to follow at a certain level, and when to stop engaging in them to benefit your cause of fast and effective leveling. For example, it will recommend you when to engage in crafting activities and to what extent, which weapons to select at a certain level, and how to spend your Kinah at a certain level. It also guides you to a limit about Kinah earning, since having a good store of Kinah will improve your chances of progress, but will also tell you when to stop unless you are playing the game for Kinah earning only.

Leveling fast and effectively is what will determine your success in the game. Not only will you feel better that way, but will also be able to create an impression on your close band of players. It will offer you a sense of achievement and satisfaction, for leaving behind thousands of other capable players, achieving the top ranks in the game. Through these leveling guides, you could also master your class, and earn a distinction among all the players on your server. Or even if you are thrilled about the idea of exploring the reward content, a quality Aion Leveling Guide is just what you need to attain that spring in your step, when it comes to advancing Aion levels.

Aion leveling guides are made for players tired of slowly grinding experience every few levels, tired of looking for places to pick up quests and figuring new ways to level up. Many players spend months and months figuring out these things for themselves. This information is literally being handed to you and you should take the opportunity now.

How to Level Fast in Aion

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Aion assassinAion is a new, visually impressive massive multiplayer roleplaying game by a Korean developer NCsoft. Aion is the most anticipated MMORPG game in 2009 for many reasons:  rewarding gameplay, amazing graphics, innovative features and more.

Even though the game has many aspects going and will be huge, it still has some issues, and one of the most important one is leveling. Aion Online was firstly released in Asia, and as such is not a familiar and newbie-friendly game like World of Warcraft or Warhammer Online. Of course there are plenty of quests, but not as many as you can find in other games, and the XP rewards are rarely high enough to make leveling an easy process. Many times you’ll have to make a decision to either advance to the next area a few levels too low or grind mobs for experience. Neither is obviously the ideal situation, but fortunately there is a simple solution.

Several skilled Aion players put their expert insight of the game into a strategy guide for Aion. Even though it talks about different aspects of the game and is bound to be useful, the leveling guide found inside is possibly the most valuable part. I should note there are several free Aion leveling guides available on some forums and blogs, but it’s basically a short list of quests which doesn’t really help at all. The leveling guide I’m talking about on the other hand has many advantages:

  • It’s completed and all quests are covered for both factions
  • It doesn’t matter which class you play
  • There’s info for all kinds of players: those who like to grind or those who only want to do quests, or a bit of both
  • It also takes into account gathering, leveling professions, and making kinah!

By using a good Aion leveling guide you will shorten required time to reach a level by at least 50%, because you won’t have to run back and forth all the time like everyone else because you’ll know exactly when, where, and how many quests to complete before you head back to the NPC to finish the quests. It’s the perfect choice for any kind of player, a newbie or a more experienced one.

These leveling guides are highly useful for powerleveling in Aion Online. There’s thousands of players already using these tips and more join their ranks every day. If you use this leveling guide for your character you will level up in half the normal time, as well as build a successful and complete character with skills, professions, items and more than enough kinah (gold): you will be 150% ready to face the challenges that await you.

You can find several different Aion leveling guides on websites such as AionLevelGuide and AionGuides. Check them out and I’ll see you at level 50!

Aion Online

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aion-logo-Aion: The Tower of Eternity is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The game developer is NCsoft’s Aion Team Development Dept, a major Korean game developer. Aion combines PvP and PvE in a fantasy game environment, and offers several unique features not seen in other MMORPG games, most notable being flying, both as a means of transportation and aerial combat. Other games in this genre typically offer flight only as a means of travel, while combat is reserved for the ground. There’s many more differences in Aion and other games.

There are four class archetypes in Aion: Mage, Priest, Scout and Warrior. Each of those is broken into two other specialized classes. For example, if you choose a mage as your class, you can further choose whether to be a Sorcerer or a Spiritmaster. When starting out, you get to choose only from the first four classes, and when you advance to level 10 you can further choose your specialized class. It’s certainly a great feature and an interesting way of advancing your character.

Aion’s endgame is mostly about PvPvE content. Although there are some PvE instances where you can fight bosses and get great loot, the game was designed primarily for PvP and that’s where the action usually is. As you fight more and more in the Abyss, you will start accumulating Abyss Points, which can in turn be traded for certain benefits like items and weapons, but most notable and most often used for improving your wings, visually and in other ways.

Aion also, much like other similar games, has professions. Six of those are crafting skills such as Weaponsmithing, and two are gathering skills with which you collect materials for the six production professions. Items from crafting skills can greatly help you in combat, and some are even essential for capturing castles in the Abyss.

Aion has so far received many positive reviews and is on it’s way to being one of the most popular MMORPGs on the market. No doubt the quality of the game will appeal to many people, and several innovative features will be welcomed by the gaming community.